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HT2 Stadium Beetle

The Hörmann Stadium Beetle is the exciting mixture of Buggy and Monster. Through its revised shock absorber layout the vehicle has been moved closer to the ground, which remarkably increases its driving stability . A new front absorber bridge and new side panels, the massive jumbo tyres from Hörmann with super wide black rims create its great visual impact. The delivery package includes a beetle auto body.

Distinctive features are:
4mm aluminium chassis plate, stainless steel side panels, aluminium front and rear axle, mechanical transmission brake, eight long aluminium shock absorbers, stainless steel muffler, aluminium/plastic servo saver, aluminium steering stub axles with brake mounting provision, aluminium transmission plate and engine block, delrin main gear, all other gears made from tempered steel, ball drive with protective cups, smooth running ball bearings. Stable differential, almost indestructible rubber spoiler and the jumbo tyres with black rims distinguish the Stadium Beetle.

The Hörmann Stadium Beetle is made entirely from aluminium, based on the Hörmann HT2. The extremely stable front and rear control arms guarantee a long and trouble-free service life with very little down times due to failures. Aluminium bottom plate, stainless steel side panels to increase chassis stiffness aluminium front axle (upper and lower control arm adjustable) Aluminium rear axle (upper control arm adjustable) Aluminium steering stub axles with brake mounting provision, transmission brake Two aluminium shock absorbers per wheel, jumbo tyres with black rims, aluminium radio plate, Hörmann stainless steel muffler, RN tuning, tuning filter, Zenoah G260RC engine, Hörmann differential, ball drive with protective cups, aluminium/plastic servo saver Combined transmission plate/engine block (no need to align lay shaft to bearings!), delrin main gear steel sprocket, tank.

The parts and their materials in detail:

    Aluminium Parts:
  • aluminium chassis plate
  • axle supports
  • control arms
  • steering stub axles
  • shock absorber bridge
  • shock absorbers
  • stop pins
  • servosaver bottom section
  • connecting piece for A + B axle support
  • wheel drivers
  • load washer for plastic gear
  • engine flange
  • gearbox flange
  • engine braking plate
  • differential housing
  • differential side panels
  • rear underframe
    Steel Parts:
  • chassis side panels
  • suspension pins
  • steel ball for steering linkage
  • tie rods
  • tempered gears
  • clutch bell
  • stainless steel bow
  • stainless steel muffler
  • drive shafts
  • ball drive
  • full floating axle for ball drive
    Plastic Parts:
  • Spoiler made from special plastic, very flexible
  • spoiler holder side panels
  • front ram bumper
  • servosaver bottom section
  • protective sleeves ball drive
  • plastic joints for the steering
  • main gear made from delrin
  • fuel tank
  • wheels
  • receiver box
  • ccumulator retaining plate
  • carbon fibre servo plate
    Optional Tuning:
  • Hydraulic brakes front / rear axle
  • carbon fibre brake discs
  • spoiler fastening for rubber spoiler
  • steel wheel drives 9.5mm with pins
  • tie rod retainer
  • retainer for personal transponder
  • check valve for fuel tank ventilation
  • adjustable spoiler holder
  • tuning muffler

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Manufacturers suggested retail price:
€ 1.699,00 incl. VAT (95% preassembled)

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